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beautiful eastern european woman

Meet European Women: Find Eastern European Girls Here!

European women are considered adorable like true beauty idols everywhere. Local ladies have an unexplainable charm and live in the dreams of young and older men worldwide


The Eastern European region is famous for attractive women from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Belarus, and other countries. Those girls are gorgeous, charming, kind, and traditional. Stunning Eastern European girls are known to be excellent wives, which is also one of the reasons why many western men are crazy about them. You can meet Eastern European women on specialized dating platforms and apps that make the dating process easy and accessible. Currently, the top-3 international dating websites for this region are the following.

Jolly Romance

  • Number of Eastern European women on JollyRomance: 15,000+
  • Main services: Instant chat, mail, ‘Let's talk’ feature (ice-breaking text prompts), requesting personal details, and others. Search tool with plenty of filters like age, country, location, and habits.
  • Prices: $2.99 for 20 credits (new members promo)
jollyromance site

Bravo Date

  • Number of Eastern European women on Bravo Date: 10,000+
  • Main services: Free sign-up, advanced search, interactive game ‘Faces,’ chat, correspondence, requesting phone number and contact information, opportunity to make a real surprise.
  • Prices: the best price is $0.20 per credit in the 750 credits package.
bravodate site

Amour Factory

  • Number of Eastern European women on Amour Factory: 12,000+
  • Main services: Free registration, search tool with different filters, messaging, correspondence, sending stickers and real presents or flowers.
  • Prices: the starting price is $0.15 per credit for the first purchase.
amourfactory site

What can be a surprise if you meet European woman?

If you travel to Eastern Europe in order to find a woman, you can see some strange things there. The behavior of local ladies may seem weird because of the convictions they have here. One of the most important ones is the idea of dating. The thing is that women from Eastern Europe treat dating seriously unless you tell them different from the very beginning.

meet eastern european women

If you meet and start dating a woman from Ukraine, Russia or another Eastern European country, she will treat you as her potential husband. Hence, don't be surprised if one fine day she asks you about your common future.

Eastern European women here are very family-oriented, and they consider marriage a natural step in the development of a romantic relationship.

Think about it and decide if this scenario is okay for you. By the way, the dating culture is specific here. Eastern European women carefully dress up for the dates, so be prepared that your Slavic woman will look like Miss Universe for you. European women care about their outfits and makeup to make a good impression. They like it when men notice their beauty.

How to meet and date European women - everything you need to know

If you want to get the ultimate guide on how to date Eastern European women, you will have to read a lot of tips. Slavic ladies are unusual, but surely worth attention. Find out the most interesting and important advice.

find eastern european women
  • Be a gentleman. The good manners always impress Slavic ladies and leave a positive feeling. Be attentive in online-communication and on the real-life dates, take responsibility, and let your woman feel feminine by your side.
  • Think about the gift. Even the smallest surprise will make you a good sport in the eyes of an Eastern European woman. It means for her that you thought about her earlier and wanted to make her smile. A flower bouquet, a box of chocolates or a stuffed toy - and that will be enough to make her smile.
  • Be active. Slavic women prefer constant attention, and if you disappear for some time they may think that it's all over for two of you. Don't make your lady doubt, let her see your intentions. If you are serious about your relationship, be persistent.
  • Respect her family. The family ties are strong in many Eastern European countries. It is a regular thing if a woman wants her parents to approve her man. Surely, she makes all the decisions on her own, but it will be a great benefit for you if you assure her parents of your pure intentions and nice personality.
  • Be yourself. European women like to hang out with foreigners, so you already have some extra points to your attractiveness. Act naturally, don't pretend to be somebody else. A lady will see how sincere you are, and that will surely make her feel positive about you.

Why do Eastern European women aim to find a husband from abroad?

You may wonder what makes women from Eastern Europe register on the dating sites and look for husbands abroad. Don't they have men in their home countries? Well, they do, but it there are the reasons to turn their heads to the West.

meet eastern european woman
  • A better life. It is not a secret that the level of life is much better in the West. There is nothing better in the wish of those women to live better and have a decent quality of life all in all. That seems logical to anybody who wants to develop
  • A sincere interest. There are many ladies in Eastern Europe who consider looking for a foreign husband an interesting adventure. It is true that many local women lie foreigners and find it both fun and useful to communicate with them
  • A search for love. Eastern European ladies are romantic in their ideas of family life. They believe that a soulmate can be found anywhere. Therefore, they don't want to limit themselves to one country only. If life gives them a chance to find a perfect man abroad, why not use it?
  • A value. Very often Eastern European men don't treasure their women the way they should. That's why local ladies get acquainted with Western men and look for relationships abroad. There is a different level of respect there. And the ladies know that they will find the admirers who can truly appreciate their beauty and personality

Eastern and Western Slavic beauties: differences

Interested in Eastern or Western European women? Don’t know how to date European girl? We’ll tell you here, but first, let’s see what’s the main difference between East&West. Both Eastern and Western European women are beautiful, they all are smart and intelligent, etc. But the major difference is easy to spot — when it comes to Western European women, they are surely less “traditional” and more career-oriented than the ladies from Slavic/Eastern European countries. So, if you prefer more family-centered and feminine ladies, focus on Eastern Europe. If you want to find a strong, career-oriented woman from Europe, focus on such countries as Germany or the UK. 

Which countries to visit to meet Eastern European ladies?

Eastern Europe is big, so where exactly can you find European women that will meet your demands? Try different directions. Although all Slavic women share some common features, generally they are different, and that is what makes them so beautiful. Here are the countries that are good places for meeting Eastern European women.


Women in Ukraine are not like anywhere else. They are attractive, interesting, witty and independent. Local ladies like freedom a lot, and usually they have very unusual worldviews. Taking to such women will be real pleasure. Also, Ukrainian ladies are very welcoming to foreigners, they are not shy to talk to men from abroad. Another good point is that the majority of Ukrainian women can speak more or less good English, so the language problem is not relevant here. Consider an option of coming to this country and seeing all the diversity of the local women.

find eastern european woman

Find out more about how to meet Ukrainian women.


Russian woman are well-known in the whole world for their incredible beauty. Just like in Ukraine, the ladies are so diverse here. It is a myth that all Slavic girls look the same - thin body, blonde hair, blue eyes. The variety is much bigger here. Fit and curvy, tall and tiny, shy and talkative - all kinds of women can be found in Russia. And the country is huge, so if you come here on a dating tour, think about visiting the different regions here. You will surely be impressed.

meet eastern european girl

Find out more about how to meet Russian women.


Polish women are smart and pretty. They live on the interface of Western and Eastern Europe, and so the mix that they have in their culture makes them outstanding. Femininity is one of the main features of a Polish woman. She acts and looks like a perfect life partner, no wonder so many men marry girls from Poland. Local women are family-oriented, but they can perfectly balance their personal life and career. A lady who can set her priorities and take care of the ones that she loves will undoubtedly become a good wife.

find eastern european girl

Find out more about how to meet Polish women.


It is still doubtful what attracts most in Lithuanian ladies - their beauty or their mind. Local women are equally good as partners for life and as interesting interlocutors. Women of Lithuania represent the kind of ladies who can sacrifice a lot in the name of their family. At the same time, they don't give up self-development and train themselves much to stay attractive in many ways. Also, it is a big value for Lithuanian women to care about their husbands. If you want to have a wife who will try her best for you, think about Lithuania as a place to look for a mail-order bride.

meet eastern european girls

Find out more about how to meet Lithuanian women.


Compared to all other Eastern European women, Romanian are the most exotic ones. You can notice it from their looks and behavior. Romanian women value family the most. They like to dedicate their time and effort to any activity that makes their close people feel better. If you dream about a wife who will stand behind you, giving you coziness and support, marry a Romanian woman. She will turn your house into paradise and be a companions you have always wanted to have.

meet eastern european girls

Find out more about how to meet Romanian women.

Stereotypes about Eastern European Women that are not true

Let's ruin the myths about Eastern European girls. There are many things that people tell about them, but some are obviously wrong. The main stereotypes are listed here, and we will explain why Eastern European girls are not like this.

Stereotype 1. A Slavic girl can do nothing without a man

The times when women were dependent are all gone. Modern Eastern European ladies are very skilled in many areas, and so they can handle their lives with no help. Yes, they are looking for foreign men to marry, but the main motivation is love and a wish to build a happy family. If you want your wife to be a strong personality who can make decisions and knows how to live her life, marry a Slavic girl.

Stereotype 2. A girl from Eastern Europe is not educated

Although education is a big trend mainly in Asia, it is also very popular in Europe too. In countries like Russia and Ukraine a lot of women have Masters degrees, and sometimes even a couple of them. Ladies of Eastern Europe apply their knowledge successfully and work a lot. It is not a problem for them to support a conversation. A Slavic lady is always interesting to talk to as she is likely to be aware of what is going on in the world too.

Stereotype 3. All women from Eastern Europe will do anything to emigrate

However Eastern European ladies do dream to come to live abroad with their husbands, it is not their main goal. Women from Slavic countries are quite conservative about the way they live, and, on the contrary, it can be hard for them to live their native land, and they will miss it a lot. Emigrating with their husband is another thing. It is a move done for love, so don't underestimate the power of feelings. Emigration is definitely not the reason to begin a relationship with a foreigner for Eastern European girls.

Stereotype 4. Slavic women don't have jobs

There is a belief that Slavic girls do nothing and only wait for some rich and beautiful men to pick them up. Well, there are such women everywhere around the world. However, Eastern Europe is full of smart and attractive women who can earn money on their own. Many Slavic ladies start to work at a young age, during their studies. Being independent and able to afford at least the little things is important for them.

Stereotype 5. Every lady in Eastern Europe is a gold-digger

Unfortunately, the idea of Slavic ladies being gold diggers is very popular. Many claim that these women are interested in nothing but money, and that is why they want to get themselves foreign husbands. The truth is that Eastern European women just find men from abroad interesting as partners, and, of course, they consider communication like that perspective. And, by the way, feelings mean a lot to ladies from Eastern Europe, and they like to build their relationship on a sincere affection.

Stereotype 6. Makeup and looks are all an Eastern European woman cares about

This stereotype was probably born after someone compared western and eastern ladies. It is true that European girls are very attentive to their appearance and always try to do their best. They wear fancy clothes even to the smallest occasions and put on heels quite often, It isn't common for the Western women, which can make Slavic beauties look silly in someone's eyes. However, there is much more behind the pretty picture. Eastern European women are interesting in their personalities too.

Stereotype 7. Eastern European ladies are emotionless

Perhaps this stereotype comes from the comparison of Eastern European ladies to the Latinas. Surely, the first ones are more reserves than women from the countries of Latin America. However, the main difference is in the mentalities and the way of expression. Slavic ladies are very emotional too, and they like to share the positive vibes by surrounding their beloved with care and love.


If you’re wondering how to meet Eastern/Western European women, the answer is simple: you need to do it online. That’s the easiest way to meet European woman — probably a hundred times easier than going to Europe and trying to pick the women on the streets of European cities. It’s really simple — if you want to date European girl but don’t want to spend long weeks and thousands of dollars without any guarantee, go online. It’s very convenient, very cheap (on most sites, you’ll pay about $30-$60 for 1 month), fast, and it really works. 

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