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charmdate girl
CharmDate Review
  • Reply rate - 89%
  • The percentage of female profiles is 58%
  • Most of the women are from Eastern Europe
  • A lot of free features

CharmDate Overview

Looking for love is supposed to be so easy (or so do we think). However, even when we are surrounded by millions of possible candidates, things strangely don’t seem to work out with a few that we choose. And when you have been at it numerous times without success, it’s possible to think of quitting.

But before you pull the plug on your search for love, just answer this one question; have you tried online dating? If you haven’t then it could be time to give it a spin. And if you have dated online, this could also be the right time to ask yourself where you went wrong. There are thousands of reasons why shit flew sideways. Maybe you didn’t exude your full charm or relied heavily on free sites.

CharmDate registration

The best and reliable way to date online safely is through paid websites like CharmDate. The small fee that exists serves to fend off unscrupulous individuals and pay for admins who are tasked with vetting members during the signup process.

In this Charm Date review, we will be telling you why you might benefit from this service and exhaustively analyze the features, pros, and cons. We will also be dropping invaluable information on how to navigate the thick maze of online dating. Ready to take off? Nice!

About CharmDate Website

Charm Date is an online dating company that links UK and US men to eastern European women. Basically, you can call them a database of ladies who are ready and willing to date foreign men. While its majorly caters to the US and UK, anyone from the four corners of the world can certainly sign up.

This company is among the pioneers of online dating in Ukraine and Russia. They began this way back in the late 90s when very few people were familiar with internet dating. Do you know what that means? It means this a company with a solid reputation and many years of service under their hood.

This company doesn’t offer dating advice — no. This is just a safe and convenient place for those who are tired of offline dating or are into the idea of different cultures coming together. It’s really exciting once you get to see some of the members available.

Homepage Outlook

It is short, sweet, and good-looking — that’s how we can describe Charmdate’s homepage. You scroll down twice and you’re already to the bottom page. Everything has been perfectly squeezed together for faster access. The page does load really fast on both mobile and desktop.

CharmDate homepage

The registration form is the most visible part of the homepage. It’s glaring so you don’t have to strain while looking for it. Right above it lies a dropdown tab that lets you select your preferred language.

The bottom part of the homepage is essential for learning more about the service. It comprehensively details out everything from FAQs, terms of service, privacy policy, sister sites, refund policies and much more. You could take a few minutes to look around before signing up.

Registration Process

Don’t expect a lengthy process while registering on CharmDate dating website. Like any other site, they will need your name, D.O.B, an email, and a (4-12 character) password. You’ll also be required to state your gender. These are pretty standard requirements that you would on any other dating site.

Unlike most sites where your account goes live in seconds, this one might take a few minutes to review your info. The admins might ask you to provide further info once your account is approved. In the meantime, you can still be able to view a few of the members who are available at the moment.

CharmDate profile

You can choose to have your “about me” section written for you or by the site. To do that, simply select the tags that best describe you and the platform will do the rest for you.

Quality of the Profiles

Before you sign up on any dating site, it’s important to know how detailed the profiles are. No one can decipher anything from a profile that highlights only a name and place of residence. You need more info like what she likes, hobbies, what kind of a man she’s looking, etc.

At CharmDate, each individual’s profile has a bio description, multiple photos, age, place of residence, and relationship status. This information is enough to help you form a concrete opinion about someone you want to date.

Users Available

If there is one thing this site never runs out on is ladies to talk to. At any given moment, there are countless women online that you can start a conversation with. And they are just as beautiful as those Slavic you’ve encountered on other dating websites.

Over 90% of the members are from Ukraine and Russia. Since CharmDate dating site deals in mail order brides, it should come as no surprise to you that most of those girls are looking for relationships that lead to marriage. This should be good news to your ears if that’s what you are after too.

Are the girls real? Could they be chat agents with a motive to squeeze bucks from naïve souls? Well, those are pretty good questions. First, this site does a good job of verifying every member's profile. The verification process includes a video call as well as uploading of identity documents.

But as always, some users have hidden agendas that get past the screening test because there is no way to read minds. That’s why it is essential to stay alert. While having your conversations, try to ask as many questions as possible without coming off as a bother. You must learn how to tell apart a scam from a person with a genuine interest to fall in love.


How much will it cost me to use CharmDate? Well, not much to constrict your pocket or bank account but its considerably more expensive than most services. Before you get disappointed, remember what we said earlier on in this Charm Date site review — this is an established platform with a superb reputation. The administration does so much to ensure you not only stay safe online but talk to real people.

To use the site, you need to pay for both membership and credits. This will give you unlimited access to all their features. You can choose to ignore the membership fee but that will deny you access to private photos and instant customer support.

The credit system is clearly defined on the website. On average, a single credit goes for $2. Before you scream that costly, let’s see how the tokens are spent on the website. Here’s the breakdown:

  • you’ll spend a single credit for 5 minutes on a one-way video conversation
  • 2.5 tokens to view a video
  • 1.5 to send or view a photo
  • 0.1-0.3 to send a single emoticon/sticker
  • 0.3 to send a voice message
  • 1 credit to request a call

Gifts and flowers have their own pricing which is based on the type you select. Keep in mind there are frequent bonuses and promotions to help you have a fruitful time on the site. You can make payments through MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and Discover Cards.

Extensiveness of the Search Tool

CharmDate has an extensive search tool with so many filters. You can sift through thousands of profiles in seconds to unveil only your right fit. Some of the common filters include

  • age
  • location
  • online presence
  • habits
  • religion
  • kids, and much more

Unfortunately, the search tool cannot be of much use to you unless you have some credits to spend. While filtering members, do not be so picky. If you key too many filters, you won’t get any matches. The secret to more searches is by being a little reasonable in your demands.

Communication Features

When it comes to correspondence features, Charm Date dating service doesn’t disappoint. They understand that to make an impact you need to shift your tactics and that is made possible through the numerous chat channels available.

The first way to communicate is via live chat (also called instant messaging). This is the most basic feature and thus affordable. You can attach a photo or video alongside your message at an extra cost.

The second is email also called letter on some sites. Unlike instant messages, letters are pretty detailed and therefore a bit expensive. The letters you receive from other admirers are free to read but you will be billed for replying.

If you are tired of typing and need a fairly exciting channel, then there is Camshare. This is a 2-street live video chat. It goes without saying that both of you must have their cams turned on. The last way to communicate with other members is through calls.

There are three types of calls. The first one is called “call me” where you can allow your contacts to call you at a certain time. The second is called “instant call” because you get to call anyone who is available right away. The last one requires a reservation so the member you want to talk to can be notified. This kind of call is a “scheduled call.” All calls will be billed using credits.

Special Services

There are more innovative, special ways to take things to the next level while on CharmDate. The first one is the flower-sending package. This service has a large stock of gifts and presents (some are virtual) that you can send to someone you hope to please. The company keeps each member’s address and contacts for this purpose and more.

Secondly, you can request the assistance of an interpreter in case the member you are talking to doesn’t have a good grasp of the English language. Unfortunately, the service doesn’t offer romance tours or plan your dates. So in case of the physical meetup, be ready to do this on your own.

Safety and Security

If there is one thing Charm Date dating site doesn’t leave to chance is your security. Your information is kept private and never shared with third parties. Their robust encryption ensures every bit of your payment details is never seen by anyone else.

There are also strict rules and guidelines in place to minimize scamming and other fraudulent activities. As we mentioned before in this CharmDate review, every profile goes under review before being published. If something doesn’t add up, you will not be approved to use their services. Word of advice, try to go through their terms of service and privacy policies before doing anything.

Customer Support

Charmdate responds to customer complaints in a timely fashion. However, those with membership subscriptions are prioritized when it comes to replying to customer complaints. You can also reach them via their Facebook and Twitter handles.

  1. Keeps a large database of verified members
  2. Top-level safety that is rooted in robust anti-scam policies
  3. Reliable customer support
  4. Multiple efficient communication tools
  5. They have a superb mobile app
  6. Available on social media


There are many ways to lose your money and one of them happened to be using free dating sites. Perhaps that’s why people say there’s nothing for free? The only best way to create worthwhile relationships via the internet is through paid sites like CharmDate.

The site has a lot to offer from top-level security, plentiful chat features, and so many women to talk to. Their customer care is also very responsive and provides effective solutions. As you have already realized, the platform is totally worth the trip.

On your part, you must know how to go about online dating to minimize the chances of people taking advantage of you. When you sign up, try to engage folks who seem to listen and are deeply into your whole being. Also, send expensive gifts only when you deem it appropriate. Happy hunting!

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