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Hot And Sexy Ukrainian Women And Girls: Find Pretty Ukrainian Ladies

Ukrainian ladies continue to conquer social networks with their beauty and recruit whole armies of fans. Sexy Ukrainian women are considered great wives and mothers, they perfectly know how to fulfill every day with love, care, and happiness. There are too many beautiful and hot Ukrainian girls on Instagram, so we have chosen the sexiest and hottest of them.

Top 10 sexy Ukrainian ladies to follow on Instagram

Check out this tip 10 hot and sexy Ukrainian girls to follow on Instagram.

Tanya Parfileva

  • Instagram — @tanyaparfileva
  • Date of birth — 16 August 1994
  • Number of followers — 1.7M
  • Occupation — Instagram model, blogger
  • Current place of living — Kyiv, Ukraine
tanya parfileva pretty ukrainian woman
tanya parfileva pretty ukrainian girl
tanya parfileva beautiful ukrainian woman
tanya parfileva beautiful ukrainian girl

Tanya Parfileva is one of the most successful Instagram bloggers in Ukraine, which has already gathered more than 1 million followers from around the world. Her profile is filled with many romantic and elegant photos, almost every day she delights her subscribers with both selfies and professional seductive and hot photos. Tanya is also owner of a fashion store Cher17. Tanya Parfileva has been running her profile since 2015, and most of her posts are pictures of beautiful her. That’s why, no surprise that she became such a popular and successful Ukrainian blogger and model.

Alla Baranovska

  • Instagram — @allabonya
  • Date of birth — 1995
  • Number of followers — 408K
  • Occupation — Instagram model, blogger
  • Current place of living — Kyiv, Ukraine
alla baranovska pretty ukrainian woman
alla baranovska beautiful ukrainian girl
alla baranovska pretty ukrainian girl
alla baranovska beautiful ukrainian woman

Alla Baranovska is a successful blogger and Instagram model who attracts the Internet audience with her cute appearance, energy, and charisma. An Instagram account of this blonde beauty, thanks to her sexy and even erotic photos, has already collected 408,000 followers from all over the world. Moreover, her photos have repeatedly appeared on the covers of such fashion magazines as Viva and Cosmopolitan. She is also the owner of the CLIPSE beauty salon and store in Kyiv and promotes it on her Instagram profile. You will definitely be delighted while scrolling her Instagram profile, she knows how to attract and amaze any follower.

Victoria Martyniuk

  • Instagram — @vikel
  • Date of birth — N/A
  • Number of followers — 190K
  • Occupation — Instagram blogger, model
  • Current place of living — Kyiv, Ukraine
victoria martyniuk pretty ukrainian girl
victoria martyniuk beautiful ukrainian girl
victoria martyniuk pretty ukrainian woman
victoria martyniuk beautiful ukrainian woman

Victoria Martyniuk is a very popular blogger and Instagram model who has more than 190,000 followers. She has a perfect slender figure, light eyes, and blond hair, if you are looking for just such a beauty, you should definitely look at her profile. This beauty collaborates and shoots for many Ukrainian brands, including Optic, Ios the Label, and her own beauty brand Nail Hunters. That's why she often shares her photos from photo shoots for magazines and brands. Photos in swimsuits, lingerie, and sexy dresses fill her profile. Victoria Martyniuk does not share some personal information, but you can find a lot of interesting things on her page.

Sofia Stuzhuk

  • Instagram — @sofia_stuzhuk
  • Date of birth — 21 May 1995
  • Number of followers — 5.6M
  • Occupation — Instagram blogger, model
  • Current place of living — Kyiv, Ukraine
sofia stuzhuk beautiful ukrainian woman
sofia stuzhuk beautiful ukrainian girl
sofia stuzhuk pretty ukrainian girl
sofia stuzhuk pretty ukrainian woman

Sofia Stuzhuk is often called the perfect woman, her natural beauty, feminine figure and elegance will definitely not leave you indifferent. Her Instagram profile is filled with hundreds of seductive and sexy photos of her perfect body in swimsuits and lingerie. She has already won the hearts of more than 5 million fans from around the world and is one of the most beautiful and popular Instagram bloggers in Ukraine. She has also created her own fashion brand If Only Wear by Sofia Stuzhuk and actively promotes it on her account. Sofia Stuzhuk will be a perfect choice for you, if you are not only looking for sexy and hot Ukrainian girls, but also for interesting content.

Sasha Pustovit

  • Instagram — @sashaabo
  • Date of birth — 19 June 1995
  • Number of followers — 2M
  • Occupation — Beauty blogger, Instagram model
  • Current place of living — Kyiv, Ukraine
sasha pustovit beautiful ukrainian woman
sasha pustovit beautiful ukrainian girl
sasha pustovit pretty ukrainian girl
sasha pustovit pretty ukrainian woman

Sasha Pustovit is a popular Instagram model and beauty blogger, who strikes with an extraordinary Ukrainian beauty. Her curvy figure, stunning appearance and outfits combined with the positivity and happiness, with which she fills each post has already attracted more than 2 million followers only on Instagram. Sasha Pustovit is in many rankings, such as Influencer # 1 in Ukraine according to Cosmopolitan and the best blogger in 2019. Moreover, she is in the top 10 most beautiful women in Ukraine. You should really take a look at her, you will hardly ever forget her beautiful green eyes and shiny brown hair. So, why not check it out?

Tanya Prentkovych

  • Instagram — @tanyaprentkovych
  • Date of birth — 1994
  • Number of followers — 1.2M
  • Occupation — Instagram blogger and model
  • Current place of living — Kyiv, Ukraine
tanya prentkovych beautiful ukrainian woman
tanya prentkovych beautiful ukrainian girl
tanya prentkovych pretty ukrainian girl
tanya prentkovych pretty ukrainian woman

Tanya Prentkovyck is a leading Instagram influencer and model, who attracts men from all over the world to follow her on Instagram. She is among those sexy Ukrainian women and one of the most beautiful Ukrainian ladies that you can meet on Instagram. She is very active on her Instagram page, and posts everything from her own workouts to travel. She also works with many fashions brands, including Answear, Intertop, and Geox. Tanya Prentkovyck also has no doubts about the beauty of her body, and very often delights her followers with seductive and hot photo shoots in lingerie. Her Instagram profile is very atmospheric and special, each photo is taken professionally and complements the others.

Alina Shamanska

  • Instagram — @shamankaa
  • Date of birth — N/A
  • Number of followers — 1.1M
  • Occupation — Instagram influencer, model, ex TV presenter
  • Current place of living — Kyiv, Ukraine
alina shamanska pretty ukrainian woman
alina shamanska pretty ukrainian girl
alina shamanska beautiful ukrainian woman
alina shamanska beautiful ukrainian girl

Alina Shamanska is a well-known TV presenter of Ukraine, in addition, she is no less popular on Instagram and has more than 1 million followers. She was a well-known TV presenter on top channels in Ukraine, especially on ICTV. But now she is actively promoting her own program on YouTube, which is called "55for5". She adores photos in bikinis and lingerie, and at the same time, fills her page with lots of travel photos combined with interesting stories. Alina Shamanska has a very curvy figure and knows how to look like a supermodel every day. Also, she is often photographed in unusual photo shoots in the most extravagant outfits, so check her out.

Tatyana Kodzayeva

  • Instagram — @kodzayeva
  • Date of birth — N/A
  • Number of followers — 1M
  • Occupation — Instagram model, fashion and travel blogger
  • Current place of living — Kyiv, Ukraine
tatyana kodzayeva beautiful ukrainian woman
tatyana kodzayeva pretty ukrainian girl
tatyana kodzayeva beautiful ukrainian girl
tatyana kodzayeva pretty ukrainian woman

Tatyana Kodzayeva is not only a famous model and influencer on Instagram, she is also a super popular blogger in Ukraine, who runs her own website about fashion, travel, and lifestyle. This girl started working on her profile and website at the age of 17 and has achieved great success in the last couple of years. Tatyana is also an owner of a beauty store The KODE, and she is actively promoting her brand on her Instagram profile. She is named one of the most influential beauty bloggers in Ukraine. Her page is full of ideas for the perfect outfit. This blue-eyed beauty has a beautiful figure and is not afraid to show it in the sexiest photos. If you are looking for sexy Ukrainian girls with a perfect taste and a special sense of style, she might be the right one.

Ksenia Mishina

  • Instagram —
  • Date of birth — 18 June 1989
  • Number of followers — 797K
  • Occupation — Actress, model
  • Current place of living — Kyiv, Ukraine
ksenia mishina beautiful ukrainian girl
ksenia mishina pretty ukrainian girl
ksenia mishina pretty ukrainian woman
ksenia mishina beautiful ukrainian woman

Ksenia Mishina is a very popular Ukrainian actress who has already starred in hundreds of successful Ukrainian films, she became nationally recognized after starring in TV series Serf and Naked Truth. She is one of these hot Ukrainian ladies and is famous for her amazing appearance and attractiveness. Ksenia Mishina has dark hair, which in combination with green eyes and a graceful figure, makes her a real beauty. Her profile is filled with both regular selfies and professional photos, moreover. Her life is very interesting, and she often shares photos from her travels. Ksenia Mishina often posts photos in bikinis and lingerie, we are sure you will enjoy while scrolling her profile page.

Dasha Astafieva

  • Instagram — @da_astafieva
  • Date of birth — 4 August 1995
  • Number of followers — 447K
  • Occupation — Model, singer
  • Current place of living — Kyiv, Ukraine
dasha astafieva pretty ukrainian girl
dasha astafieva beautiful ukrainian girl
dasha astafieva beautiful ukrainian woman
dasha astafieva pretty ukrainian woman

Dasha Astafieva is one of the most popular women in Ukraine, she is not only a talented singer, but also a successful model. Dasha was the 2007 Playmate of the Year for Ukrainian Playboy, as well as her Instagram page is filled with sexy and seductive photos from the most extravagant photo shoots. Also, she filmed a commercial for a popular men’s magazine Maxim in 2016. She is also a famous actress, best known for her roles in a 2021 comedy A kiss for a million and a 2019 comedy Producer.

To sum up

So, are Ukrainian girls really amazingly beautiful? Of course, yes, we are sure that you have followed most of these girls in this top 10 hot Ukrainian women. So, if you like Ukrainian girls and dream of meeting one of them, do not hesitate. Choose the best online dating site for yourself and find your ideal partner from Ukraine online. All we can say is that meeting and dating a hot Ukrainian lady can be the best choice for you.

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