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Hot And Sexy Irish Women And Girls: Meet Your Hot Irish Redhead Online

Hot Irish girls are considered one of the hottest women in the world. It’s not surprising, these redhead beauties know how to charm every man in this world. Let’s take a look at the top 10 hot and sexy Irish ladies to see on Instagram in 2021.

Top 10 hot Irish women to follow on Instagram in 2021

We went through more than a dozen Instagram profiles to compile this list. Here’s our top 10 hot and sexy Irish girls.

Nicole O’Brien

  • Instagram — @nicole.ob
  • Date of birth — 2 July 1995
  • Number of followers — 838K
  • Occupation — Social media influencer, Instagram model
  • Current place of living — Dublin, Ireland
nicole o’brien beautiful irish girl
nicole o’brien beautiful irish woman
nicole o’brien pretty irish girl
nicole o’brien pretty irish woman

Nicole O’Brien is a popular Irish social media influencer and Instagram model with more than 800,000 followers. Also, she is a TV host, best known for her appearance in dating show Too Hot to Handle and has created her own beauty brand IAmLovd by Nicole to help you become the best you. Her life is very exciting and interesting, travel, parties, clubs, concerts, and hot photos in bikinis, mini dresses, and even lingerie. It is all about the profile of a bright and sexy Irish babe — Nicole O’Brien. She has a lot of sexy bikinis, and fortunately for her fans, she will post photos in each of them. Nicole O’Brien also collaborates with many world-famous brands, including FashionNova, and actively promotes it on her Instagram profile.

Rozanna Purcell

  • Instagram — @rozannapurcell
  • Date of birth — 3 September 1990
  • Number of followers — 497K
  • Occupation — Model, beauty queen, Instagram blogger
  • Current place of living — Dublin, Ireland
rozanna purcell beautiful irish woman
rozanna purcell pretty irish girl
rozanna purcell pretty irish woman
rozanna purcell beautiful irish girl

Rozanna Purcell is one of the most beautiful women in Ireland, she became wildly successful after becoming a Miss Universe Ireland in 2010. Today she works as a model and is very active on her Instagram. It has already won the hearts of more than 400,000 fans around the world. Rozanna also collaborates with many fashion and beauty brands, including Sweaty Betty and The Beauty Basket. This red-haired beauty delights her fans with interesting videos and very beautiful photos every day. Also, Rozanna is very talented and has recently become a professional make-up artist and opened her own blog. You won’t definitely regret it if you check out her profile, she knows a secret of how to always stay beautiful, attractive and look like a supermodel.

Louise Cooney

  • Instagram — @louisecooney_
  • Date of birth — 14 September 1992
  • Number of followers — 214K
  • Occupation — Travel blogger, Instagram influencer
  • Current place of living — Dublin, Ireland
louise cooney beautiful irish woman
louise cooney pretty irish girl
louise cooney beautiful irish girl
louise cooney pretty irish woman

Once you visit the profile of charming Louise Cooney, you will understand why she is in this top sexy and hot Irish women and girls. Louise Cooney has a perfect figure and feminine shapes, blond hair and blue eyes, all this makes her a dream for thousands of men. Louise is a very popular blogger and Instagram influencer in Ireland. She also works with many beauty and fashion brands, including Cluse and H&M. She is also a volunteer and a Unicef ​​and Pieta ambassador. On her page, you can find photos from travels, concerts, fashion shows and her hot photos in bikinis and lingerie. She also often shares interesting stories, tips, and just thoughts with her subscribers. If you are interested not only in photos, but also in interesting content, then you should definitely view the profile of this stunning girl.

Erika Fox

  • Instagram — @retroflame
  • Date of birth — 11 September 1991
  • Number of followers — 161K
  • Occupation — Fashion and travel blogger, Instagram influencer
  • Current place of living — USA, New York
erika fox beautiful irish woman
erika fox pretty irish woman
erika fox beautiful irish girl
erika fox pretty irish girl

If you are crazy about red-haired slender beauties, you will definitely enjoy scrolling through the profile of charming Erika Fox. Erika is now a part of ambassadorship with MSL Cork Mercedes-Benz and is actively promoting fashion brands, such as River Island and Loulerie. Today, she is one of the most popular bloggers and Instagram stars among Irish girls. Although she is originally from Ireland, as indicated in her profile, she now lives in New York. Her profile is very aesthetic and atmospheric, she knows how to fill any photo with lightness and warmth. Hot Erika Fox has a very unusual appearance, red hair, a very thin and graceful figure, sky blue eyes, and freckles; her natural beauty has already enchanted almost 200,000 fans from all over the world. Also, you can find on her profile many interesting stories and photos from travel.

Shannen Reilly Mcgrath

  • Instagram — @shannenreillymcgrath
  • Date of birth — 5 January 2994
  • Number of followers — 110K
  • Occupation — Reality star, Instagram influencer
  • Current place of living — Dublin, Ireland
shannen mcgrath beautiful irish girl
shannen mcgrath pretty irish woman
shannen mcgrath pretty irish girl
shannen mcgrath beautiful irish woman

Shannen Reilly Mcgrath is a famous Instagram model and reality star who achieved considerable popularity on the dating show Love Island, she was also one of the participants at Miss Ireland 2014. Shannen Reilly Mcgrath is a real Irish barbie, and once you open her Instagram profile, you will see an unearthly beauty who is truly one of the first in the top hot and sexy Irish girls. Her ideal figure and feminine curvy shapes will easily charm every man in the world. Moreover, she does not hesitate to post very sexy and hot photos and almost every day she surprises her followers with such posts.

Dominique Nugent

  • Instagram — @dominiquenugent89
  • Date of birth — N/A
  • Number of followers — 107K
  • Occupation — Travel and fashion blogger, Instagram influencer
  • Current place of living — Dublin, Ireland
dominique nugent pretty irish girl
dominique nugent beautiful irish woman
dominique nugent beautiful irish girl
dominique nugent pretty irish woman

Dominique Nugent is a young blogger who began to rapidly gain popularity on Instagram. She is not only a fashion blogger but also travels a lot and constantly shares interesting stories and facts from her adventures. Dominique Nugent is a real beauty, her slim figure, blond hair, and blue eyes have already driven thousands of men from all over the world crazy. Dominique is now working with famous brands, including Asos, Bershka, and SHEIN. Charming Dominique Nugent often shares her own experiences and advice and exhibits photos in sexy outfits and lingerie. You will definitely fall in love with her as soon as you open her Instagram profile.

Holly Carpenter

  • Instagram — @hollycarpenter
  • Date of birth — 9 October 1991
  • Number of followers — 96.5K
  • Occupation — Fashion and beauty blogger, Instagram influencer
  • Current place of living — Dublin, Ireland
holly carpenter pretty irish girl
holly carpenter beautiful irish woman
holly carpenter pretty irish woman
holly carpenter beautiful irish girl

Holly Carpenter is an Irish model and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Ireland 2011 and represented Ireland in 2011 in the Miss World pageant. She is also a popular Irish Instagrammer who shares pictures of her artistic shots, lifestyle picks, and fashion pieces. Holly Carpenter also works with a number of brands on various campaigns on Instagram, including Olay and Pretty Little Thing. You should be following Holly Carpenter’s Instagram profile as she is incredibly beautiful and knows how to share her inner positivity and happiness with her followers and fans.

Judy Fitzgerald

  • Instagram — @judyfitzgerald_
  • Date of birth — N/A
  • Number of followers — 94K
  • Occupation — Bikini and fitness model, Instagram blogger
  • Current place of living — Dublin, Ireland
judy fitzgerald beautiful irish girl
judy fitzgerald pretty irish woman
judy fitzgerald beautiful irish woman
judy fitzgerald pretty irish girl

Hot Judy Fitzgerald is best known among other hot and sexy Irish women for her perfect physical shape and femininity, she is rapidly gaining popularity on Instagram and other social media channels. Sporty Judy Fitzgerald uses her Instagram profile to share inspirational dietary, healthy eating, and exercise tips. But the best thing about Judy Fitzgerald's Instagram profile is that she adores photos in bikinis and lingerie, and she often shares seductive photos from professional photo shoots with her followers. She is also a well-known fitness model and took first place in prestigious competitions and contests, she became nationally recognized after winning the Miss Bikini Ireland. We are sure you will enjoy while scrolling through the profile of this hottie.

Erin Lally

  • Instagram — @erin.lally
  • Date of birth — 2001
  • Number of followers — 79.9K
  • Occupation — Instagram model and blogger
  • Current place of living — Dublin, Ireland
erin lally beautiful irish woman
erin lally pretty irish girl
erin lally pretty irish woman
erin lally beautiful irish girl

Erin Lally is only 19 years old, but she is already the first in the top sexy and hot Irish ladies. She has the ideal proportions of her body and is not afraid to show all her beauty to her followers. Almost every day, she delights her followers with photos in sexy outfits and even in swimsuits. She is currently studying at university and is very interested in journalism, so you will definitely be interested to read what she will post in her profile. Her life is very busy, but she posts many pictures from travels, concerts, and parties.

Shauna Lindsay

  • Instagram — @shaunalindsay
  • Date of birth — 13 March 1995
  • Number of followers — 65.3K
  • Occupation — Instagram influencer and model
  • Current place of living — Dublin, Ireland
shauna lindsay pretty irish girl
shauna lindsay beautiful irish girl
shauna lindsay beautiful irish woman
shauna lindsay pretty irish woman

Shauna Lindsay initially started her career as an Instagram model, but now she works with a number of Irish fashion brands, helping to promote their clothing and makeup. Also, she is working with the Michael Kors brand. She is posting lifestyle, fashion, and modeling content to her over 65,000 Instagram followers. Shauna Lindsay leads a healthy lifestyle and knows the secret of how to look her best every day. Her profile is filled with many photos, both selfies and professional photo shoots. So why not to check out her hot Instagram profile?

To sum up

Hope you’ve liked this top 10 sexy and hot Irish girls on Instagram we’ve gathered for you. So, do not miss your chance and find your redhead beauty from Ireland online today.

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