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Methodology of ranking dating websites and women selection

How we make reviews

Our reviews are made in accordance with our internal policy. We value honesty, precision, and details above all. We make sure that our reviews are unbiased and objective. Our reviewers and editors are separated from our marketing team and write their reviews based on their knowledge and experience.

Each text takes a lot of time to prepare since our reviewers have to review the site entirely. The most important elements of a dating site such as service features as interface and user-friendliness, ease of joining, site functions, its pricing, support service, and others are analyzed in the first place. Then, reviews are passed to our editorial teams, where it is proofread and checked.

Our goal is to post accurate and relevant content that represents reality. However, sometimes, some information may be missed or becomes outdated after the publication. In case we see that some information does not correspond to the website we review, we correct the review. We can also receive feedback from our partners, telling us what to change in the content we publish.

How we make money

Our services are free for all users. We earn money by making deals with brands we review and promote. Our advertisements allow us to share with your useful information about online dating services, for which we receive compensation from our partners.

Our cooperation impacts the way we review sites and how we present them on our platform. However, we do not base our reviews merely on compensations. Our team of writers review the sites thoroughly and honestly. We receive monetary compensation from the affiliate links that you can come across on our website.

We cooperate with the world-known providers of online dating services, which is why you can be sure that advertisements and promoted content that you will find are going to be highly useful and detailed.

Why should you trust us?

Our main goal is to provide you with quality information about online dating. We do not charge you for reading our reviews, which is why we try to make them as detailed and brief as possible. Our team of dating writers is a group of professionals who know what they are doing. They represent experienced individuals who have been in the industry of online dating for several years, which is why you can trust their pieces of advice and tips.

We cooperate with respectable and reputable online dating platforms, which is why our promoted posts and content will never lead you to unreliable or fraudulent service. You can be sure that any website that we review is going to help you find a perfect date effectively and quickly!