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Meet Romanian women – Who Are They?

Romania is known not only for its Dracula legends but also for gorgeous women. They might not be the first choice of men who want to find a foreign girlfriend, but just because many just have no clue that such hot girls are very interested in international dating. Stunning Romanian women are blessed with sexy bodies and easy-going nature. To meet Romanian girls, browse these top-3 dating websites and you’ll find a nice interlocutor right today easily.

And also, Romanian beauties are:

  • Very fun, open-minded, and creative. It's extremely difficult to get bored with Romanian girls because they know how to always be interesting. 
  • They are very friendly and even flirty, they love touching people (but don't confuse it with being "easy"). 
  • They are extremely family-centered — Romanian women love spending their time with their parents and other family members. 
  • They believe that it's all about respect in a relationship. 
  • They are very independent, but not in a way Western women understand it. 
  • They are well-educated and ambitious.

Bravo Date

  • Number of Russian women on BravoDate: 900+
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Amour Factory

  • Number of Russian women on Amour Factory: 1000+
  • Main services: Free and easy registration, extended search, messaging, correspondence with the ability to send stickers or attach photos and videos. You can even surprise your Russian beauty with a real present or a bouquet.
  • Prices: the best price for all members is $0.20 per credit (in 750 credit package)
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Jolly Romance

  • Number of Ukrainian women on JollyRomance: 1000+
  • Main services: With instant chat, mail, ‘Let's talk’ feature (templates of messages), and requesting personal details, online dating is easy on Jolly Romance. Also, you can find a suitable match with an easy-to-use search tool and Tinder-like game ‘Faces.’
  • Prices: $2.99 for 20 credits (for new members)
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In general, Romanian girls are humble, creative, and stunningly pretty. They combine obedience and easygoingness, which makes them incredibly pleasant to date. These women are perfect for single men who want to marry a fun, communicative, family-oriented, and loyal woman. So, if you want to meet Romanian women, read on!

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Dating a Romanian woman

To start dating a woman from a different country, the first thing that you have to do is to start learning about her culture. Without knowing the cultural peculiarities, you will find it incredibly difficult to chat Romanian girls.

Hopefully, you do not need to read dozens of pages from Wikipedia about Romanian culture. Below, you will find the most useful and informative tips and pieces of advice for a single guy who is looking for hot Romanian women.

Everything you need to know to find Romanian bride

So, where should you start? First of all, girls from Romania are very friendly and hospitable. You will find your communication with a woman from this country very relaxing and engaging. It is a part of Romanian culture to be very polite, hospitable, and friendly toward a stranger. Although it usually concerns real communication, online dating has the same rules.

Hot Romanian girls want to find a man to start a family. The majority of mail order brides from this country want to have real relationships with a mature and responsible man. They are not looking for one-night stands – they need a confident man who can provide for the family.

Finding and dating a Romanian woman means having an incredibly beautiful, elegant, and charming lady. You will be stunned with the beauty of theirs – their wide-open eyes that can conquer any man, bright and alluring smiles, curvy figures, and full lips will definitely drive you crazy!

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How to meet Romanian women?

There are two ways to find Romanian wife. The first is quite obvious – you can travel this country and meet Romanian girls there. However, it is not very rational and effective. There is a second way – use online dating to meet with thousands of mail order brides from Romania. There are dozens of online dating platforms that can offer you exceptional opportunities and possibilities!

Romanian online dating is straightforward, successful, affordable, and time-efficient. And, you will be offered a wonderful selection of most beautiful women of Romania!

Now, it is important to understand why there are so many guys who are seeking Romanian women. Since there are so many of them, there should be some decent reasons for such high popularity of hot Romanian women. Here, we will cover the most common reasons that men from the United States give!

Respectful and supportive

One can agree that a wife and a girlfriend should be supportive and respectful toward her husband or boyfriend. This is the basis of any relationships – without these qualities, it is impossible to maintain healthy and stable relationships. Nevertheless, the positive qualities of Romanian girls are numerous.

If you are seeking Romanian woman, you will be pleased to know that they are very respectful. Traditional family in this country respects male authority, which is why these girls are perfect for men who want to be in charge of all decisions.

Furthermore, dating a woman from Romania will be great because she is very supportive. If you need her help or advice, you can be sure that she will be very helpful! In good or bad times, your Romanian wife or girlfriend will stand by your side, allowing you to achieve anything you want! These women really can make you feel powerful!

Creative and emotional

As it has been mentioned above, Romanian ladies are quite humble. However, they are very emotional and romantic. They are not afraid to showing their emotions to you – when they are happy, you will know it. When they are satisfied – you will notice it. When they are sad, you will feel it!

It is also essential to claim that Romanian mail order brides are very creative. Not only they can help you look at a certain issue from a different perspective, but they also have a unique approach to life. They are quite easy-going and positive individuals, which is why they tend to solve problems very quickly and efficiently.

So, you may see that there are many reasons why men around the planet are seeking a hot Romanian woman. There are many more things about these ladies. If we managed to list every single one of them, this webpage would be way longer!

Why are they interested in international dating?

So, now you know what men see in these gorgeous women. However, to start looking for them, one should also learn about reasons why they become mail order brides. One should discover why so many women want to find a foreign husband. If you need these answers, here you can find them!

They want to escape from their country

Although it may sound harsh, but the situation in Romania is not very enjoyable. The economy is in quite a bad condition, unemployment rates are pretty high, and youth generally wants to migrate to another country.

Thousands of hot Romanian women want to have better lives – a pretty decent and reasonable thing to desire. Since there are not enough local well-mannered and successful men, Romanian girls have no other options to look for husbands and boyfriends online.

They want to obtain new experiences and meet new people

Romanian women are very communicative and open-minded. They are not against dating person of different culture or ethnicity. Therefore, a lot of young ladies from this country want to marry a foreigner to live in a different country with different traditions.

Can a Romanian girl make a good date?

If you still have doubts about Romanian mail order brides, you can check out more qualities of these wonderful women that make them great dates!

Educated and intelligent

Education in Romanian is free, which is why young women enroll in different educational facilities. Although it is not mandatory for a girl to obtain an education, a lot of them do. Therefore, it is possible to claim that many of mail order brides that you will be able to find will be extremely educated and intelligent.

It is always good to have a date with whom you can have a meaningful discussion. It does not mean that you need to have hot debates. Instead, you may discuss a lot of subjects, which can improve your relationships with your date!

Knows what she wants

Women of Romania are usually very active and straightforward. If they want something, they will tell you. This is one of the most common reasons why so many men want to find Romanian girlfriend. You do not have to guess what is up on her mind as she can calmly tell you what she needs and when she needs it. It is incredibly convenient!

Top reasons to meet Romanian singles

So, you may already understand that dating a woman from Romania is like having a wonderful dream – you will be surrounded by love, care, respect, and support. Let us recollect the major factors that encourage Western men to meet Romanian brides and marry them!

Women of Romania are family-oriented

There are many guys who are looking for a woman with serious intentions. A lot of mail order brides want to have casual and meaningless relationships. But not Romanian brides as they have a desire to meet and marry a nice and loyal man.

If you find Romanian women through an online dating platform, you can be sure that they want to be in strong and long-term relationships. They do not need one-night stands. What they need is a husband, children, and a home to enjoy happy moments together with family.

Hot Romanian women are incredibly beautiful

One cannot stress enough the beauty of ladies from this country. Brides from Romania have thick, dark hair that looks like black silk. These girls have enigmatic brown eyes that drive so many men crazy. They also have tanned skin that looks like golden caramel.

Romanian women enjoy wearing bright colors. You can be sure that your date will be very fashionable. In general, women from this country enjoy combining trends of modern fashion with ethnic elements of national clothes.

3 myths about Romanian ladies

It has been noticed that a lot of incorrect information can be found online about ladies from Romania. For men who want to meet Romanian women, it is highly important to know only the truth, so we have gathered three most common misconceptions and stereotypes about hot Romanian girls.

They are gold-diggers

Unfortunately, this is a common myth about the online dating industry. People don't know how it works, which is why they assume that individuals who seek love and happiness online want only your money. There may be cases of women who pursue materialistic goals, but you can be sure that Romanian girls are not this type.

It has been stated already that the purpose of women of Romania is to meet a man who would take care of them. They are looking for happy relationships. Meeting a guy only for his wealth is not something that Romanian brides do!

The majority of Romanian mail order brides come are uneducated

No. Usually, women of Romania who use online dating are educated. There are many opportunities for girls in this country to obtain education, which is why you will find many dates who are incredibly smart, sophisticated, and intelligent.

A lot of them have been previously married

Nonsense! It is a part of Romanian culture for a young lady to find a man to spend the rest of her life with him. Undoubtedly, not all marriages might be successful. However, mail order brides would rather spend more time seeking a worthy and right man than marrying the first person to write to them.


Romanian women can satisfy all your needs and desires. They are smart, funny, creative, beautiful, and talented. But most importantly, they want to create a family with you. If you are ready to become a husband or simply want to have serious and mature relationships with a supportive and honest woman – check out Romanian women!

What are Romanian women like?

  • The first thing to be aware of is: they are probably the most emotional and expressive women in Europe! 
  • Some say Romanian women are hot-tempered, but not all of them and not 24/7, so you'll deal with it. 
  • They are very passionate and they are fairly similar to the girls from South America in this regard. 
  • They are great at home-keeping, cooking, raising children, and making their husbands happy.
  • They are often materialistic (don't confuse it with gold-digging) — Romania has never been a rich country and this surely affects their mindset.

There are many platforms that can offer you high-quality services and Romanian girls chat. So, do not wait any longer and start looking for your soulmate! Maybe she is scrolling her profile and waiting for you to write to her!

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