A Review of Love Swans Dating Site

Nowadays, the number of singles looking for partners is very high. There are various platforms where men looking for wives do their searches which include social media and dating platforms. The increase in adoption of online dating has led to the establishment of dating platforms. Services offered by different sites differ with some of them offering quality services and customer protection. If you are looking forward to joining a dating site, it is advisable to choose the best to avoid running into a scam or failing to get the much wanted partner
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The Love Swans Review is meant to help you decide if it is a good place for you. Note that the choice of a dating site is the initial step in determining your success. Consider reading the Love Swans review to the end because it is an analysis all of its aspects. The review will help you understand if it is as good as its first impression. Give it your attention before making a decision.

Site history

Love Swans has been in operation for the last 6 years. Its history dates back to 2013 and has been generously helping lonely hearts to connect, find love and add meaning to their life. Over the years the site has been faced by few controversies over its legality and truthfulness, but they have all been confirmed as mere allegations. Most of the scam allegations were hatched by the fact that the site operates free of charge. It is important to have the allegations in mind before signing up but the truth is that Love Swans do verify every woman identity before they are allowed to register.
loveswans first impression

Who are its members?

Most of the people in Love Swans are Ukrainian men and women looking for partners from other countries of the world. The site is the home of many Ukrainian and Russian people who are extremely beautiful and of good character. Sign up with Love Swans to get the offer of getting the best partner within a short time. Note that the site is not exclusively for Ukrainian and Russian girls, it also contains profiles of women from other countries around the world. Acceptance of profiles from all over the world creates diversity on the women available in the site.

Chances of meeting your dream partner while browsing the profiles in the Love Swans platform are very high. Desire for international relationships is very high nowadays which means that you should expect a high number of people expressing interest in you.

How good is the site?

You will never miss what you need if you decide to sign up with Love Swans to seek a loving partner. Having been in the market between 2013 and 2019, it must have connected countless couples and is experienced in making the right connections. It has a good rating and boasts of a very positive reputation. If you have decided to engage in international dating, you absolutely need assistance and the Love Swans team is ready to lend you a helping hand. Now that you already know that the site is good, continue reading to learn how the site looks like.

How do the site look like — First Impression

Love Swans understands that you are not looking for anything else apart from a lovely bride. The platform aims at going straight to the point which is connecting you to your dream partner with little to no hustle. The site applies minimalist approach which means that you will only see what you need on the first page, has friendly interfaces, and a nice color scheme. LoveSwans home page of the Love Swans website offers you an opportunity to register by creating your profile.
loveswans registration
LoveSwans homepage is a clear indication that the site is straightforward and on point and the registration process takes less than 5 minutes. There are no charges in joining the site and all you have to do is to provide your name, choose your date of birth, insert your email and then set a password. A confirmation email will be sent to go on with the registration process. At the home page, non-members are able to access all the information required to make a decision of joining the site which include:

  1. Why you should choose Love Swans
  2. How it works
  3. Privacy and safety
  4. Customer service
  5. Terms of use
  6. Billing policy
  7. Refund policy
  8. Disclaimer statements
To log in after registering on the site, use the email and the password you already set and save the password to make logging in easier in the future.

Setting up your Profile

After filling the above details, the site will require you to answer several other questions in relation to your dating goals and what you consider as an ideal woman. Additionally, you will be required answer questions on how you look like, your personality and a description of yourself. Details about yourself and that of the person you are looking for are required to make your search for a partner easier. The site uses algorithms that get you a partner that best suits you in terms of matching characters. By completing your profile and filling out the questionnaire provided makes your profile stand out, easy to spot and attractive to girls. Do not feel like providing the information is a waste of time. It helps improve your search by filtering your ideal match.
love swans questionnaire
The site users are given freedom to either upload a photo or not but it has been noted that a profile with an image is easily noticeable and attractive. Immediately after completing setting up the profile and the questionnaire, a gallery showing approximately 10 women comes up. From the gallery, you are supposed to select women whom you feel interested in assisting the system in understanding your favorites. At this stage, you are set to move into searching women that please your feelings.
love swans profile

Searching and sorting ladies

The site runs a database with thousands of women looking forward to being approached by men seriously looking for partners. There is a search option for paying and non paying members where two options are at your disposal; basic and advanced.

Basic Search

love swans basic search
The basic search is a simple search where users scan women by specifying their age and location of their preferred women.

Advanced search

The advanced search has more capabilities compared to the basic search. It brings a number of filters into play where the user can specify the country, education level, occupation, age, height, color, religion, and marital status among other factors
love swans advanced search
Note that the more the numbers of filters you apply while doing a search, fewer women are given as a result. Search results either for the basic or the advanced appear in the gallery with each entry showing a photo, name, age, location and the status of the women. Looking at the results, you can click on the profile of the woman who strikes your attention to see more of her photos and character. Carefully review her personality, views and any additional details in the profile before getting in touch with her through any of the available options.

Communication in Love Swans site

love swans communication
The essence of online dating is making worthwhile interactions leading to personal relationships and marriage. People choose to date online after considering factors such as ease of communication. Love Swans understands that without communication dating is not possible. With the aim of worthwhile communication, Love Swans offers multiple means of communication which include:
  • Sending text messages
  • Emailing
  • Video calls
  • Phone calls
  • Sending pictures and photos
  • Sharing gifts and presents
  • Requesting contact details
In communication, you can verify the identity of the woman you have been chatting with by engaging in a video call. Video calls helps you see the woman you are dating in live mode. The site caters for people who are not able to communicate in English fluently by providing translators but at an added cost.

Pricing — how to pay and how much

While registering and searching for a woman of your choice is free, communicating on the site is possible after making payment. That sounds bad maybe but the truth is that good things come at a cost and the professionals making sure that your needs are catered for need appreciation. To read messages and converse with other people, you have to pay. Love Swans adopts a credit system where registered members are supposed to purchase credits using real money.

Credits come in packages as follows and are bought using a credit card. First 20 credits are free to try website. If you like the opportunities of Love Swans after spending them, you can choose bigger packages.
how to pay on site
20 credits
50 credits
125 credits
250 credits

Safety and confidentiality

The site is safe in the sense that it adopts strict policies in all pages. Users are advised to report the slightest instance of suspicious activity and to remain cautions while using the site to avoid scam. Do not share your credit card details with anyone else other that while paying the site directly.

Customer care

Customer support staff is willing and ready to assist you if you face any problem. Contact the customer care by using the Contact Us Button or sending an email at


There are lots of women in the site
Multiple communication options
User friendly design
Can request contact information


Communicating with lots of women is pricey
You can run out of credits while communicating

Mobile application

LoveSwans has made it for users to communicate while in transit using their mobile phones. You can either opt to use the mobile version of the site or the mobile application developed recently. The app is very comfortable and convenient in maintaining contact with your new catch.


Looking at all aspects of Love Swans, it can be seen that the site is a good dating platform. It offers you everything you need to get a good girl for yourself. Do not live alone any longer! Join LoveSwans to get your dream woman.