Find Bride Dating Site Review

Looking for a wife has never been an easy task. It would have been great if there was a procedure laid down and on completion, you get a wife. That sounds funny? It is not possible and in a real sense what works for me might not work for you. Having said that, there are some general tips that can hopefully help you out. Try online dating, it has been tested and proven!
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Online dating is one of the best methods in getting a perfect wife. is one of the dating sites where thousands of brides are eagerly awaiting you. First-hand information from past members and experts in the dating industry proves that it is perfect for successful dating. Yes, you can get an ideal match there especially if you love Ukrainian and Russian girls. The site is not only popular but it has lots of underlying factors that make it dear to people like you.

The website is scam free and adheres to the anti-scam policy. Focus on adhering to anti-scam policy is because fraud and scams are much prevalent in the industry. There have been countless cases where scammers take relationships as a way of making a living. protects its customers from fraud and prides in the confidence of its members.

The website connects beautiful women with men around the world. It has more than 10,000 women looking for perfect husbands. All you need is to register and send them a message!

The beauty of the website is that women seeking relationships are interviewed before being allowed into Find Bride. With the handful of checks before entry, users should be confident while seeking a bride on the site. Judging from how the site operates, it is evident that, the service is customer-oriented.

If you are looking forward to dating a Ukrainian or a Russian girl, this review is for you and will provide you will supply you with accurate information about it. Read it to the end, you won't regret it.


Registration in is simple and straightforward. The platform is professionally designed and can be used by everyone. Lots of users have left positive reviews and recommendations on ease of registration and use. There are three registration options.

The first option requires you to insert your details manually for registration:
Email Address
After filling the personal information, you are requested to sign acceptance and then click register.
Find bride registration
In a case where you don't want to enter personal details directly, you have the option of registering by using

  • Facebook
  • Gmail

It is, therefore, true to say that the signup process is simple and straightforward.

Set up Your Profile

After going through the registration process, you will be required to set up your profile to make it easy for the brides to see your details. In this stage, you are supposed to provide personal information such as:
Personal Preferences
Your Physical Appearance
Marital status
Number of children or childless
Academic Achievements
Personal likes and dislikes
Smoking habits
English Skills
By providing the above information, it becomes easier to get a perfect match because such details are useful in matchmaking on the platform.
find bride profile

Searching for a Bride

Search on site
The site is somehow old-fashioned and somehow complicated but it is not difficult to look for a bride. If you face a problem in searching for a bride, you can always check for a solution in the FAQ section.

Navigating around the site is quite a simple task and actually you can identify New Ladies in the site by looking at the section "New Ladies". The Find Bride dating platform allows all users, registered and unregistered to view profiles of women. Even while on free mode — Unpaid, you can still filter out the ladies.
The site has multiple filtering options to ensure that you get an ideal match. By carefully using the filters, you stand a better chance of getting women who perfectly match you in a short time instead of scrolling through the entire website.

There are two search options:
  • Basic
  • Advanced

The advanced search has lots of filtering options that make search for an ideal match straightforward and less complicated. It allows you to specify various aspects of the woman you are looking for where for instance you can specify the color, smoker or not, height, age, level of education, number of children or no children at all.
Please keep in mind that it is not possible to search or filter personal traits. Here is a list of the available filtering available in the advanced mode:

  • Specification on the age limits
  • Physical attributes
  • Marital status of the woman
  • Hobbies
  • Color of the hair
  • English ability
  • Color of the eye
  • Personal interests
  • Academic qualifications
  • Personal interests
  • Communication with potential partner
extended search

Communication in Find Bride

gift opportunitites
Meeting a potential mate is the first step in seeking a partner and then the second step is making a point of expressing yourself to them. The site offers several modes of communication which are:

  • Chatting
  • Video chats
  • Mailing
  • Request for personal contacts
  • Sharing gifts

All the mentioned means of communication are for premium users which means that you must pay before any successful communication.


    Users can only be able to communicate through all the avenues provided by paying membership fees. The service is pocket-friendly and user-defined which means that you only for what you need. After making a payment, users are able to send emails, do video chats, instant messaging and even watch private videos.

    Remember that the site is very friendly and actually allows you to do almost everything before making payment. It is, therefore, possible to have a clear understanding of the platform, how it works and practically all the needed information before paying a coin.

    The first thing to know is that the currency used in the site is known as Credits and therefore you need to know how to purchase the connects by using real money. Credits make it possible for you to chat. There are 7 bundles of credits a user can select and the price per credit depends on their number. Buying more connects is more economical where for instance, 25 credits cost $20 which means that one credit is $0.8. If you go for the package containing 1000 credits which costs $470 you will spend $0.47 for one credit.

    There are options where users can buy credits at bundles of:
    • 40
    • 100
    • 200
    • 300
    • 500
    Credits depending on their needs and frequency of communication.

    There is a wide range of payment options which include the use of:
    • Visa
    • MyBank
    • Mcoinz
    • iDeal
    • Mastercard
    • Eurodebit
    You can also use PayPal and Western Union but you have to contact the user support first prior to making the payment.

    Platform Assistance platform helps you to the end. It assists users who have been able to identify a potential mate to meet in reality. It organizes trips to meet women and have one of one physical talks. This means that FindBride is willing to book a hotel for you, offer interpretation services in case of language barriers.

    Pros and Cons of Find Bride Platform


    The platform offers real dating solution by giving access to more than 3000 sexy women interested in a serious relationship
    Women in the site are real and are seriously looking for men to love them and have long-lasting relationships
    The photos provided by the brides are of good quality, it is a requirement by the site before their profiles are approved
    The site has tough anti-scam policies that safeguard you from fraud. It is a safe platform
    Registration is free and quite simple. It has a friendly interface and could actually sign up using Facebook or google mail


    Users are required to subscribe through the purchase of credits to access all of the platform services
    Women registered in the platform are very active and will initiate chats even before they have read details in your profile
    No app has been developed yet for the Find-Bride Website. The only option available using the web version which might pose an inconvenience to some users
    The websites design seems somehow old-fashioned and might prove inconvenient to some users

    Customer Support

    Find Find bride has a customer team responsible for settling any of the issues you could face while using the platform. For instance, you may get details on how to go about a specific aspect even before registration and get all the answers. However, based on the comments made by users who have contacted the Customer Care team, the service is not satisfactory and might have to wait for a long time before getting a response. In such a case you can email

    Final Thoughts

    Find Bride website is specially designed to help its users get their dream women and establish long-lasting romantic relationships. The site has a very large number of women and for sure one of them is likely to be yours if you give the website a shot. All the women on the site are real having gone through a physical verification before being allowed to sign up. It has worked for others in the past and for sure it will work for you! The profiles of registered women are populated with photos of high quality and attractive videos which gives you a chance of seeing her properly contacting. If you have read through the entire review but you still feel like not sure if it is a legit dating platform, Sign Up for free and have a look at it. The reality is that you will find it easy, convenient, and will get a girl to talk with either on video chat or messaging.

    Give it a try. A beautiful woman is awaiting you!